Purging accounts?

So now LJ is making me post here once every 24-months, or they're purging my account? WTH.

EDIT: Purging inactive accounts: One of the benefits of the work we've done to purge suspended accounts is that we will now be able to purge inactive journals and communities too
A journal is defined as inactive if it has not been logged into for 24 consecutive months and has only one post (i.e., the welcome post).

more here.

Does that mean I need to post here? Because I login daily, I just don't post here.
It's just, LJ blogging system really sucks, when you're used to Wordpress.
by the way, just check my blog... like I said before.
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Never thought...

I'll have a LJ account, I hate it with all my soul... well, I'm overreacting, but I don't really think I'll be active in here at least much. So just head over to my profile, you'll see a link to my real blog, ok?
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